Brian Anderson

Social Vending Machine

Affiliates earn up to $595.50 Per Sale with this Self-Fulfilling DFY System! 

brian Anderson, along with partner Syd Michael, bring you Social Vending Machine.

What every entrepreneur dreams of, a hands-free, passive service that has customers chomping at the bit to pay them month after month. 

To Say Members Are Impressed Is An Understantement

The Results:

Internal Figures:
Live Launch Converted at 31.20% with 135 Sales
$53,595 Collected on Launch Day, 3 pay net prospect: $160,785
Recurring Revenue: $33,345/m after 90 days
Initial EPA: $211.20 ~ Total EPA: $633.61
Internal with Brian Anderson
On Call Conversion 22%
Like-Live Encore Conversion 35%
Initial EPA: $96.83 ~ Total EPA: $290.49
Damien Zamora
On Call Conversion 25%
Like-Live Encore Conversion 22%
Initial EPA: $162.37 ~ Total EPA: $393.48
John Charles
On Call Conversion 23%
Like-Live Encore Conversion 20%
Initial EPA: $55.03~ Total EPA: $165.09
Brandon Hays
On Call Conversion 26%
Like-Live Encore Conversion 14%
Initial EPA: $120.45 ~ Total EPA: $307.35
Jeff Smith
On Call Conversion 20%

Initial EPA: $77.84 ~ Total EPA: $233.53
Zach Anderson
On Call Conversion 28.3%
She's Still Promoting!
Initial EPA: $71.16 ~ Total EPA: $213.48
Jeanne Kolenda

Affiliate Payouts

The Offer:

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