Step 2: Create a Manychat Account

Go To 

Click: Continue with Facebook (make sure you’re signed in to Facebook in another tab or window) 
– You must agree to Manychat’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

You will be prompted to connect Manychat to an existing Facebook page in your Facebook account (that you are an admin of) 
If you are not immediately prompted you will need to scroll to the bottom of the left-hand dashboard.
Each page will have it’s own Manychat account, so when you add your 2nd, 3rd, 4th page, etc. you will need to scroll down and click “Create a new account” each time to add each new page.


Select the “Facebook Messenger” Option


Select the Page that you will be installing (or having our DFY Team Install) The Automated Assistant Onto
Manychat will list every page that you are an Admin for. Just click the Connect button.
There are options at the bottom of the screen if you don’t see the page you want, or if you need to create a new page or if you need to refresh the list.



You will be prompted to answer some questions about your page/business.

Based on the Social Vending Machine system these are our recommended answers, but you should answer these questions truthfully based on your personal use cases.

Will this account be used for an actual business?

What describes your business the best?
Local Business or Place

Please, Specify
Other, Write it below:


What type of messages are you going to send from ManyChat?
(Check all that apply)

Facebook Messenger

Are you creating this account for a client?
(do not check)


Click NEXT

Optonal – Answer more questions….  or Click “LATER”



You do not have to upgrade to pro, you can use a free account.

The pro features that will not work if you do not upgrade:

You cannot use our DFY installation and customization

  • SMS collection
  • Email collection
  • Lead capture to Google Sheet
  • Lead delivery email
  • Conversation starter growth tools
  • Any conversation flow that uses these will unpublish and cause an error to display